Benefits of Liquid Amino Acids For Hair

Amino acids are the building blocks to protein that is extremely crucial for muscle and hair growth. But that’s not all. Amino acids are imperative when it comes to transportation of nutrients and storing them in the correct way.

So to begin, there are 20 amino acids that can be categorised as semi-essential and non-essential and only 9 of them are essential for the human body. These include leucine, histidine, isoleucine, methionine, valine, phenylalanine, tryptophan, lysine, and threonine. These types of amino acids can be found in legumes, seeds, fish, leafy greens, meat, nuts, and plant protein.

What Are Liquid Amino Acids?

Liquid amino acids are a liquid protein that is derived from soybeans and coconut sap as a concentrate. They are promoted as gluten-free, vegan free and can be used in salad, dressings, soups, and much more.

We already put half of what we cook with on our hair and since it’s so beneficial for the body, applying to your hair just be just as instrumental. To understand the benefits of amino acids, it’s important to understand the composition of hair first.

Around 88% of your hair is composed of keratin, which is a protein. For the body to produce keratin, the body needs 18 types of amino acids which can be supplemented into our diets. A sufficient amount of amino acid will undoubtedly boost hair growth, thus suggesting how vital it is to facilitate hair growth. Here are some of the main reasons that amino acids can help to improve the health and strength of your hair.

Prevents damage

Is your hair suffering from heat damage or the use of too many chemicals (hair spray, gel, wax, and the array of other hair care items that are actually disadvantageous for hair)? Liquid amino acids can help to restore the health and strength of your hair whilst also improving the colour of your hair if you’ve had it dyed or bleached.

Softens hair

Opting for liquid amino acid can aid hair in strength and improving elasticity, most specifically when hair is in low in porosity and there has been weakening of follicles.

Stops shedding

Snapping up an exceptional liquid amino acid treatment has the ability to stop excessive shedding of hair and breakage. It’s all in the name, by making use of the right hair masks and products that include amino acids, your hair may see a higher ability to retain moisture and a significant improvement in hair growth.

What Amino Acids Promote Hair Growth?

–          Glycine

Glycine plays a significant role in the production of hair growth as well as aiding the proper functioning of the digestive system and the central nervous system. The importance of this amino acid is extremely high as it protects the body from nerve disorders that stop hair loss and many other health-related problems.

–          Lysine

Lysine formulates collagen by absorbing calcium within the body. As you may already know, collagen strengthens hair shafts and boosts hair growth. Thus, consuming enough chicken, fish, eggs and hairy products will provide you with a sufficient amount of lysine.

–          Cysteine

This amino acid is the most important one out of the rest for hair growth. Cysteine is a potent antioxidant that shields hair from too much sun damage and other radiations that can deteriorate the health of hair. Cysteine can be found in foods such as chicken, milk, yoghurt, and broccoli.

–          Methionine

Being an antioxidant to prevent an imbalance of oxidation, methionine is an excellent amino acid to prevent hair loss, and studies have found that it could play a role in speeding down the rate at which grey hairs begin to appear.

So all in all, when these amino acids begin working together, they’ll begin to stimulate stronger, healthy, and softer hair. You can snap them up at many drugstores, supermarkets, and healthcare stores, but be sure to check the ingredients for those all-important amino acids.